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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 04:37 pm
Manga V.2 (2/25)

11/7 (2)
- strict05, member card to Kaz for toad14, member card
- trance06 to Mysti for brabbit07

Manga V.2 (25/25)

11/7 (4)
- magician15, mugiwara03, pentacle11, rain11 to Kaz for maiden12, mario04, orphan13, rat15

9/5 (3)
- backstroke06, blush07, poneglyph05 to Lethe for science07, shot04, shot11

8/21 (10)
- clean04, god13, saber12, member card to Vanja for hatter11, selfless14, toad13, member card
- mewlettuce10, greenpearl15, massacre02, massacre11, panty05, swimming01, swimming03, member card to Kairi for electronic04, glasses01, glasses06, protective01, toad02, toad03, toad10, member card

8/19 (7)
- prince04, prince13 to Ashu for starfighter11, selfless05
- freestyle03 to Lethe for healingwind02
- solution11 to Mysti for infrared03
- zero07, mercenary12, mercenary15 to Roax for armor04, raven09, spoiled08

8/12 (1)
- SR-40010, member card to Ashu for toad06, member card

Manga V.1 (25/25)

8/12 (1)
- SR-40003 to Ashu for electronic11

8/11 (6)
- friendship02, geass15, heart05, member card to Chii for exist08, raven08, raven11, member card
- harem03, lynx09, royale05 to Mirai for infrared15, selfless04, toad05

8/6 (2)
- love05, mistakes10 to Lethe for glasses11, orphan15

8/5 (6)
- albhed05, light02, light05, lotus14, member card to Lethe for electronic08, electronic14, protective07, protective15, member card
- badluck14, misdirection06, member card to josie for dalmascan01, maiden08, member card

7/22 (1)
- explosives12, member card to Roax for hatter04, member card

7/20 (9)
- izanagi02, izanagi03, shiva05, detective11, member card to Mysti for firearrow04, healingwind08, healingwind15, rat03, member card
- backstroke04, breastsroke03, clutch10, dogdemon12 and freestyle15, member card to chiisai for percieve05, protective12, selfless08, spoiled01 and widget03, member card


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