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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 10:49 pm
- Christmas Door #14: transformers22, swep2-padme01, cap, hulk
- Christmas Door #15: ironman2-natasha02, hp-hermione09, cap, thor
- Christmas Door #16: twilight3-edward07, transformers23, spiderman, ironman, torch

- BlackJack: potc223, avengers-natasha23, indianajones11, matrix02, hulk
- Hangman: fastfurious09, ironman-finetuning08, spiderman
- Memory: ironman-finetuning06, spiderman317, potc-will23
- Card Claim: ironman-thejericho04, indianajones16
- Card Claim 2: captamer2-bucky14, ironman-thejericho03
- Card Puzzle: hp-hermione17, oceans2-dannyrusty03, wolverine, torch
- Peeptin: ironman-finetuning02, avengers-timebomb15, matrix06, torch
- Freebies: oceans3-oprah13, divergent-four15
- Currency Freebies: cap, hulk
- Upcoming Decks Vote: hp-harryron02, avengers-wehaveahulk07, ironman-iamironman13
- Tic Tac Toe: indianajones05, darkknight321
- War: lotr210, hobbit23, wolverine, thor
- Guess the number: spiderman316, ironman-icanfly03, thor
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-fightingloki10, hp-letters14, ironman-iamironman08
- Lottery: ironman04
- Go Fish: indianajones322, transformers04
- Guess the Location: ironman2-natasha22, captamer2-bucky09, ironman2-anotherone14, ironman
- Christmas Door #9: captamer16, hp-letters04, spiderman, hulk
- Christmas Door #10: indianajones-indymarion05, toystory222, darkknight312, wolverine, invisible
- Christmas Door #11: ironman2-natasha13, hp4-harry13, thor, wolverine, wolverine
- Christmas Door #12: swep2-padme18, avengers-natasha12, ironman
- Christmas Door #13: thg19, jp-itsadinosaur06, hulk
- New Decks: ironman-icanfly07, ironman-icanfly05, lotr-legolas03, thor209

- Freebies: twilight3-edward05, ironman22
- Currency Freebies: cap, ironman
- Card Claim: indianajones01, jp-itsadinosaur05
- Card Claim: captamer2-bucky08, ironman-thejericho12
- Upcoming Decks Vote: hp-hermione08, divergent-four25, ironman-finetuning03
- Memory: matrix09, indianajones23, ironman-iamironman14
- War: avengers-clint22, ironman11, cap, hulk
- Spin the Wheel: jp-itsadinosaur05, thg-ivolunteer04, ironman3-notthatkind15
- Pick a random: hp3-hermione11, avengers-timebomb15, potc-will22, thor
- Tic Tac Toe: ironman2-natasha09, captamer2-bucky11
- Card Puzzle: ironman2-natasha21, ironman09, invisible, torch
- Guess the number: lotr203, toystory221, torch
- BlackJack: lotr211, jp01, oceans3-oprah03, potc-will13, thor
- Hangman: darkknight306, indianajones-indymarion07, cap
- Christmas Door #5: hp-harryron13, divergent-test09, cap, torch
- Christmas Door #6: bttf-timemachine14, potc201, matrix04, captamer03, torch, wolverine, wolverine
- Christmas Door #7: twilight3-edward06, hulk, ironman, torch
- Christmas Door #8: toystory309, lotr02, thor, spiderman
- New Decks: captamer2-bucky04, captamer2-bucky22, ironman-thejericho02, ironman-thejericho11
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): swep2-padme02, divergent-trisfour07, transformers21, ironman09, thg2-itsamockingjay03, captamer-bucky02, captamer-bucky10
- Level Up: captamer-bucky11, indianajones324, ironman2-natasha07, toystory06, potc09

- Christmas Door #4: hp4-harry09, ironman, invisible

- Freebies: ironman-finetuning02, hp-hermione17
- Currency Freebies: thor, spiderman
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman03, indianajones304
- Card Claim: captamer-starspangled08, captamer02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: divergent-test05, oceans-pokerlesson02, captamer21
- Memory: batman222, toystory302, swep2-padme08
- War: hp4-harry18, ironman-iamironman08, invisible, torch
- Spin the Wheel: potc-willelizabeth15, hp7-harryronhermione16, potc-willelizabeth09
- Pick a random: avengers-natasha07, hulk, cap, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib03, indianajones-indymarion18
- Card Puzzle: captamer04, lotr-aragorn01, ironman, hulk
- Guess the number: jp10, thg-ivolunteer12, torch
- BlackJack: indianajones13, indianajones08, oceans-pokerlesson08, oceans3-oprah04, torch
- Hangman: jp04, hp3-hermione05, invisible
- Christmas Door #1: captamer-starspangled06, mi25, wolverine, spiderman, invisible
- Christmas Door #2: captamer-bucky09, lotr-aragorn11, thor
- Christmas Door #3: divergent-four20, captamer2-steve22, torch
- New Decks: captamer2-steve03, captamer2-steve11, thg-ivolunteer04, twilight3-edward22
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): ironman05, captamer-steve15, spiderman324, bttf24, divergent-trisfour18, captamer-bucky15, captamer-bucky19

- Freebies: lotr02, divergent-test08
- Currency Freebies: cap, spiderman
- Card Claim: indianajones225, ironman3-notthatkind05
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman04, captamer-starspangled02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: toystory25, oceans2-dannyrusty14, lotr-aragorn21
- Memory: ironman-iamironman07, captamer-starspangled11, bttf-timemachine15
- Spin the Wheel: mi06, mi01, avengers14
- Pick a random: oceans2-dannyrusty12, indianajones211, captamer06, lotr307, hulk
- Puzzle: hp616, toystory201, thor, ironman, spiderman
- Tic Tac Toe: ironman2-natasha19, shrek424
- Card Puzzle: avengers-wehaveahulk03, divergent-four25, spiderman, spiderman
- Guess the number: potc03, indianajones07, ironman
- BlackJack: divergent-test01, transformers16, potc-willelizabeth19, jp03, ironman
- Hangman: swep523, lotr25, spiderman
- New Decks: swep514, swep518, avengers-wehaveahulk04, avengers-wehaveahulk11

- Freebies: thg2-itsamockingjay02, toystory19
- Currency Freebies: hulk, ironman
- Card Claim: jp-itsadinosaur13, ironman24
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman02, captamer-starspangled01
- Upcoming Decks Vote: divergent-four20, ironman2-natasha20, ironman3-notthatkind02
- Memory: indianajones-indymarion05, ironman3-notthatkind15, matrix21
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-fightingloki10, bttf-timemachine12, bttf-timemachine09
- Pick a random: indianajones205, spiderman204, lotr-aragorn18, avengers-natasha20, cap
- Puzzle: ironman-iamironman09, avengers-fightingloki08, spiderman, ironman, ironman
- Tic Tac Toe: avengers-natasha21, lotr-aragorn18
- Card Puzzle: captamer-steve25, thg2-itsamockingjay02, cap, ironman
- Guess the number: potc-jack16, captamer16, hulk
- Hangman: divergent-trisfour08, oceans2-dannyrusty05, spiderman
- New Decks: captamer03, captamer13, darkknight308, darkknight319

- Freebies: lotr14, captamer-steve10
- Currency Freebies: wolverine, wolverine
- Card Claim: indianajones25, indianajones-indymarion18
- Card Claim: captamer-starspangled15, ironman-iamironman15
- Upcoming Decks Vote: avengers-fightingloki13, captamer-steve21, potc21
- Memory: lotr208, ironman23, shrek403
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-loki12, captamer-bucky25, potc-elizabeth12
- Pick a random: oceans2-dannyrusty08, divergent-four07, bttf18, lotr-aragorn15, hulk
- Puzzle: ironman3-notthatkind12, indianajones223, invisible, torch, torch
- Tic Tac Toe: jp15, thg2-itsamockingjay02
- Card Puzzle: lotr216, divergent-four13, cap, torch
- Guess the number: hp4-harry19, hp611, spiderman
- Hangman: potc16, captamer-steve06, invisible
- New Decks: captamer-starspangled03, captamer-starspangled13, hp-harryron10, avengers-timebomb08
- Level Up: captamer-bucky06, lotr220, avengers25, potc24, bttf09
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): matrix17, avengers-natasha14, lotr-aragorn12, captamer-bucky13, avengers02, captamer-bucky13, captamer-bucky24

- New Decks: ironman-iamironman01, ironman-iamironman08, avengers-loki03, avengers-natasha22
- Question: captamer-bucky16
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): indianajones320, thg-katniss11, ironman21, hp3-hermione13, ironman-iamironman13, captamer-bucky05, captamer-bucky21

- Freebies: xmen11, matrix15
- Currency Freebies: ironman, thor
- Card Claim: indianajones209, indianajones316
- Card Claim: ironman10, toystory09
- Memory: matrix08, hp3-hermione15, avengers-bruce06
- War: potc17, lotr217, invisible, wolverine
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-natasha06, ironman2-natasha12, potc-elizabeth05
- Pick a random: jp07, thor, invisible, wolverine
- Tic Tac Toe: transformers21, oceans3-oprah01
- Card Puzzle: swep2-padme03, ironman17, invisible, thor
- Guess the number: shrek419, hobbit24, cap
- Hangman: batman212, hp624, cap

- Freebies: lotr218, matrix04
- Currency Freebies: hulk, invisible
- Card Claim: jp-itsadinosaur04, indianajones201
- Card Claim: ironman05, avengers-bruce03
- Upcoming Decks Vote: toystory314, toystory15, toystory302
- Memory: oceans-pokerlesson04, mib22, lotr309
- War: swep2-padme10, indianajones-indymarion11, cap, hulk
- Spin the Wheel: bttf-timemachine02, thg2-itsamockingjay12, thg2-itsamockingjay07
- Pick a random: potc-willelizabeth15, divergent-trisfour03, indianajones215, torch
- Puzzle: jp15, ironman2-natasha17, thor, ironman, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib22, lotr07
- Card Puzzle: transformers06, lotr223, torch, wolverine
- Guess the number: indianajones309, lotr204, hulk
- BlackJack: shrek405, hp4-harry06, potc25, toystory308, torch
- New Decks: ironman25, ironman03, toystory18, avengers-bruce11
- BRILLIANT: captamer-bucky01, jp-itsadinosaur01, indianajones210, lotr210, lotr325, mib05, indianajones310, ironman3-notthatkind10, lotr-aragorn01

- Freebies: jp-itsadinosaur02, ironman2-natasha06
- Currency Freebies: ironman, thor
- Card Claim: captamer-bucky09, jp23
- Upcoming Decks Vote: potc-willelizabeth14, indianajones218, divergent-trisfour01
- Memory: oceans-pokerlesson12, spiderman11, oceans-pokerlesson02
- Slots: indianajones303, lotr312, hobbit17, oceans3-oprah09
- War: bttf-timemachine15, potc-willelizabeth07, wolverine, torch
- Spin the Wheel: swep2-padme25, divergent-four09, potc-elizabeth10
- Pick a random: lotr206, mi04, thg2-itsamockingjay07, spiderman301, thor
- Puzzle: jp-itsadinosaur14, matrix07, hulk, torch, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib21, spiderman306
- Card Puzzle: swep2-padme18, oceans3-oprah14, hulk, hulk
- Guess the number: spiderman302, spiderman205, torch
- BlackJack: thg2-itsamockingjay03, ironman2-natasha04, potc-jack18, lotr-aragorn11, spiderman

- Starter Pack: captamer-bucky25, captamer-bucky03, jp03, ironman3-notthatkind03, twilight-edwardbella03, thg2-itsamockingjay05, jp02