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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 06:14 pm
- Arazlam's Clues 252: embodiment11, kbt03, consultant09
- Colorseum 9-4: memphis09, lacytanga02, gensokyo20, dancer03, rai10, badluck05
- Seiyuu Guess 194: buster03, viking16, simple13, nervous01, draciel07, unluckiest07, orange crayon
- Guess the Color 227: beatjumper12, bepsi07, grafeisen06
- Help Miss Kamila 74: tartar01, shiitake04
- Reading Between the Lines 164: lithuania09, balfonheim02, janam11, replacement10, kenjutsu06, effortless11, posh17, jimuguri07, foodpuns13, amaterasu05, red crayons

- Oikawa's Fan Mail 65: yoomtah10, krisna14, amati18, manipulator20
- Guess the Color 226: apothecary12, eden18, royalty04

- Bonus Cards: crawling11, nagi04

- Starter Pack: wingzero06, wingzero11, wingzero16, vampire06, straycat08, succubus15, quadra02, rely20
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Saturday, June 20th, 2015 09:15 pm

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 10:50 pm
Trade Card 1 (14/30)

11/20 (3)
- jp15, bttf09, member card to Breanne for captamer-bucky07, captamer-bucky14, member card

11/18 (11)
- hp3-hermione13, hp4-harry06, hp4-harry19, hp624, mib22, thg-katniss11, thg2-itsamockingjay02, thg2-itsamockingjay07, thg2-itsamockingjay12, twilight-edwardbella03, member card to Christina for captamer-bucky04, captamer-bucky20, captamer-bucky22, avengers-bruce01, avengers-bruce25, indianajones02, indianajones21, indianajones22, indianajones222, indianajones-indymarion13, member card
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 10:49 pm
- Christmas Door #14: transformers22, swep2-padme01, cap, hulk
- Christmas Door #15: ironman2-natasha02, hp-hermione09, cap, thor
- Christmas Door #16: twilight3-edward07, transformers23, spiderman, ironman, torch

- BlackJack: potc223, avengers-natasha23, indianajones11, matrix02, hulk
- Hangman: fastfurious09, ironman-finetuning08, spiderman
- Memory: ironman-finetuning06, spiderman317, potc-will23
- Card Claim: ironman-thejericho04, indianajones16
- Card Claim 2: captamer2-bucky14, ironman-thejericho03
- Card Puzzle: hp-hermione17, oceans2-dannyrusty03, wolverine, torch
- Peeptin: ironman-finetuning02, avengers-timebomb15, matrix06, torch
- Freebies: oceans3-oprah13, divergent-four15
- Currency Freebies: cap, hulk
- Upcoming Decks Vote: hp-harryron02, avengers-wehaveahulk07, ironman-iamironman13
- Tic Tac Toe: indianajones05, darkknight321
- War: lotr210, hobbit23, wolverine, thor
- Guess the number: spiderman316, ironman-icanfly03, thor
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-fightingloki10, hp-letters14, ironman-iamironman08
- Lottery: ironman04
- Go Fish: indianajones322, transformers04
- Guess the Location: ironman2-natasha22, captamer2-bucky09, ironman2-anotherone14, ironman
- Christmas Door #9: captamer16, hp-letters04, spiderman, hulk
- Christmas Door #10: indianajones-indymarion05, toystory222, darkknight312, wolverine, invisible
- Christmas Door #11: ironman2-natasha13, hp4-harry13, thor, wolverine, wolverine
- Christmas Door #12: swep2-padme18, avengers-natasha12, ironman
- Christmas Door #13: thg19, jp-itsadinosaur06, hulk
- New Decks: ironman-icanfly07, ironman-icanfly05, lotr-legolas03, thor209

- Freebies: twilight3-edward05, ironman22
- Currency Freebies: cap, ironman
- Card Claim: indianajones01, jp-itsadinosaur05
- Card Claim: captamer2-bucky08, ironman-thejericho12
- Upcoming Decks Vote: hp-hermione08, divergent-four25, ironman-finetuning03
- Memory: matrix09, indianajones23, ironman-iamironman14
- War: avengers-clint22, ironman11, cap, hulk
- Spin the Wheel: jp-itsadinosaur05, thg-ivolunteer04, ironman3-notthatkind15
- Pick a random: hp3-hermione11, avengers-timebomb15, potc-will22, thor
- Tic Tac Toe: ironman2-natasha09, captamer2-bucky11
- Card Puzzle: ironman2-natasha21, ironman09, invisible, torch
- Guess the number: lotr203, toystory221, torch
- BlackJack: lotr211, jp01, oceans3-oprah03, potc-will13, thor
- Hangman: darkknight306, indianajones-indymarion07, cap
- Christmas Door #5: hp-harryron13, divergent-test09, cap, torch
- Christmas Door #6: bttf-timemachine14, potc201, matrix04, captamer03, torch, wolverine, wolverine
- Christmas Door #7: twilight3-edward06, hulk, ironman, torch
- Christmas Door #8: toystory309, lotr02, thor, spiderman
- New Decks: captamer2-bucky04, captamer2-bucky22, ironman-thejericho02, ironman-thejericho11
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): swep2-padme02, divergent-trisfour07, transformers21, ironman09, thg2-itsamockingjay03, captamer-bucky02, captamer-bucky10
- Level Up: captamer-bucky11, indianajones324, ironman2-natasha07, toystory06, potc09

- Christmas Door #4: hp4-harry09, ironman, invisible

- Freebies: ironman-finetuning02, hp-hermione17
- Currency Freebies: thor, spiderman
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman03, indianajones304
- Card Claim: captamer-starspangled08, captamer02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: divergent-test05, oceans-pokerlesson02, captamer21
- Memory: batman222, toystory302, swep2-padme08
- War: hp4-harry18, ironman-iamironman08, invisible, torch
- Spin the Wheel: potc-willelizabeth15, hp7-harryronhermione16, potc-willelizabeth09
- Pick a random: avengers-natasha07, hulk, cap, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib03, indianajones-indymarion18
- Card Puzzle: captamer04, lotr-aragorn01, ironman, hulk
- Guess the number: jp10, thg-ivolunteer12, torch
- BlackJack: indianajones13, indianajones08, oceans-pokerlesson08, oceans3-oprah04, torch
- Hangman: jp04, hp3-hermione05, invisible
- Christmas Door #1: captamer-starspangled06, mi25, wolverine, spiderman, invisible
- Christmas Door #2: captamer-bucky09, lotr-aragorn11, thor
- Christmas Door #3: divergent-four20, captamer2-steve22, torch
- New Decks: captamer2-steve03, captamer2-steve11, thg-ivolunteer04, twilight3-edward22
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): ironman05, captamer-steve15, spiderman324, bttf24, divergent-trisfour18, captamer-bucky15, captamer-bucky19

- Freebies: lotr02, divergent-test08
- Currency Freebies: cap, spiderman
- Card Claim: indianajones225, ironman3-notthatkind05
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman04, captamer-starspangled02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: toystory25, oceans2-dannyrusty14, lotr-aragorn21
- Memory: ironman-iamironman07, captamer-starspangled11, bttf-timemachine15
- Spin the Wheel: mi06, mi01, avengers14
- Pick a random: oceans2-dannyrusty12, indianajones211, captamer06, lotr307, hulk
- Puzzle: hp616, toystory201, thor, ironman, spiderman
- Tic Tac Toe: ironman2-natasha19, shrek424
- Card Puzzle: avengers-wehaveahulk03, divergent-four25, spiderman, spiderman
- Guess the number: potc03, indianajones07, ironman
- BlackJack: divergent-test01, transformers16, potc-willelizabeth19, jp03, ironman
- Hangman: swep523, lotr25, spiderman
- New Decks: swep514, swep518, avengers-wehaveahulk04, avengers-wehaveahulk11

- Freebies: thg2-itsamockingjay02, toystory19
- Currency Freebies: hulk, ironman
- Card Claim: jp-itsadinosaur13, ironman24
- Card Claim: ironman-iamironman02, captamer-starspangled01
- Upcoming Decks Vote: divergent-four20, ironman2-natasha20, ironman3-notthatkind02
- Memory: indianajones-indymarion05, ironman3-notthatkind15, matrix21
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-fightingloki10, bttf-timemachine12, bttf-timemachine09
- Pick a random: indianajones205, spiderman204, lotr-aragorn18, avengers-natasha20, cap
- Puzzle: ironman-iamironman09, avengers-fightingloki08, spiderman, ironman, ironman
- Tic Tac Toe: avengers-natasha21, lotr-aragorn18
- Card Puzzle: captamer-steve25, thg2-itsamockingjay02, cap, ironman
- Guess the number: potc-jack16, captamer16, hulk
- Hangman: divergent-trisfour08, oceans2-dannyrusty05, spiderman
- New Decks: captamer03, captamer13, darkknight308, darkknight319

- Freebies: lotr14, captamer-steve10
- Currency Freebies: wolverine, wolverine
- Card Claim: indianajones25, indianajones-indymarion18
- Card Claim: captamer-starspangled15, ironman-iamironman15
- Upcoming Decks Vote: avengers-fightingloki13, captamer-steve21, potc21
- Memory: lotr208, ironman23, shrek403
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-loki12, captamer-bucky25, potc-elizabeth12
- Pick a random: oceans2-dannyrusty08, divergent-four07, bttf18, lotr-aragorn15, hulk
- Puzzle: ironman3-notthatkind12, indianajones223, invisible, torch, torch
- Tic Tac Toe: jp15, thg2-itsamockingjay02
- Card Puzzle: lotr216, divergent-four13, cap, torch
- Guess the number: hp4-harry19, hp611, spiderman
- Hangman: potc16, captamer-steve06, invisible
- New Decks: captamer-starspangled03, captamer-starspangled13, hp-harryron10, avengers-timebomb08
- Level Up: captamer-bucky06, lotr220, avengers25, potc24, bttf09
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): matrix17, avengers-natasha14, lotr-aragorn12, captamer-bucky13, avengers02, captamer-bucky13, captamer-bucky24

- New Decks: ironman-iamironman01, ironman-iamironman08, avengers-loki03, avengers-natasha22
- Question: captamer-bucky16
- Currency (20 heroes x 1): indianajones320, thg-katniss11, ironman21, hp3-hermione13, ironman-iamironman13, captamer-bucky05, captamer-bucky21

- Freebies: xmen11, matrix15
- Currency Freebies: ironman, thor
- Card Claim: indianajones209, indianajones316
- Card Claim: ironman10, toystory09
- Memory: matrix08, hp3-hermione15, avengers-bruce06
- War: potc17, lotr217, invisible, wolverine
- Spin the Wheel: avengers-natasha06, ironman2-natasha12, potc-elizabeth05
- Pick a random: jp07, thor, invisible, wolverine
- Tic Tac Toe: transformers21, oceans3-oprah01
- Card Puzzle: swep2-padme03, ironman17, invisible, thor
- Guess the number: shrek419, hobbit24, cap
- Hangman: batman212, hp624, cap

- Freebies: lotr218, matrix04
- Currency Freebies: hulk, invisible
- Card Claim: jp-itsadinosaur04, indianajones201
- Card Claim: ironman05, avengers-bruce03
- Upcoming Decks Vote: toystory314, toystory15, toystory302
- Memory: oceans-pokerlesson04, mib22, lotr309
- War: swep2-padme10, indianajones-indymarion11, cap, hulk
- Spin the Wheel: bttf-timemachine02, thg2-itsamockingjay12, thg2-itsamockingjay07
- Pick a random: potc-willelizabeth15, divergent-trisfour03, indianajones215, torch
- Puzzle: jp15, ironman2-natasha17, thor, ironman, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib22, lotr07
- Card Puzzle: transformers06, lotr223, torch, wolverine
- Guess the number: indianajones309, lotr204, hulk
- BlackJack: shrek405, hp4-harry06, potc25, toystory308, torch
- New Decks: ironman25, ironman03, toystory18, avengers-bruce11
- BRILLIANT: captamer-bucky01, jp-itsadinosaur01, indianajones210, lotr210, lotr325, mib05, indianajones310, ironman3-notthatkind10, lotr-aragorn01

- Freebies: jp-itsadinosaur02, ironman2-natasha06
- Currency Freebies: ironman, thor
- Card Claim: captamer-bucky09, jp23
- Upcoming Decks Vote: potc-willelizabeth14, indianajones218, divergent-trisfour01
- Memory: oceans-pokerlesson12, spiderman11, oceans-pokerlesson02
- Slots: indianajones303, lotr312, hobbit17, oceans3-oprah09
- War: bttf-timemachine15, potc-willelizabeth07, wolverine, torch
- Spin the Wheel: swep2-padme25, divergent-four09, potc-elizabeth10
- Pick a random: lotr206, mi04, thg2-itsamockingjay07, spiderman301, thor
- Puzzle: jp-itsadinosaur14, matrix07, hulk, torch, invisible
- Tic Tac Toe: mib21, spiderman306
- Card Puzzle: swep2-padme18, oceans3-oprah14, hulk, hulk
- Guess the number: spiderman302, spiderman205, torch
- BlackJack: thg2-itsamockingjay03, ironman2-natasha04, potc-jack18, lotr-aragorn11, spiderman

- Starter Pack: captamer-bucky25, captamer-bucky03, jp03, ironman3-notthatkind03, twilight-edwardbella03, thg2-itsamockingjay05, jp02
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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 07:52 pm
- puzzle: anoddfeeling18, bymoonlight13, moonpride211, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: breaktime02, moonprism115, schoolwoes13, one Moon doll
- memory: moonpride307, girlsinwhite17, reflectedmoonlight01
- number guess: summonedyouma08, mercuryaquamist16
- freebies: morningnews13, believeinlove18, findyourallies10, one Moon doll
- war: believeinlove15
- pickpocket: illpunishyou05, lateagain16, moonpride211
- wheel (orange): romanticdance201, spiritedaway16

- puzzle: afterthebattle02, bridaldreams10, talentedgamer01, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: becareful07, findyourallies04, transformnow14, one Moon doll
- memory: rescueandvictory12, lunchcompanion01, distracted02
- number guess: jupiterpower119, lonelylunch01
- freebies: fatedmeeting14, lunchcompanion17, wickedbride03, one Moon doll
- war: jupiterpower201
- pickpocket: illpunishyou03, sweetcouple12
- wheel (green): unstoppableflame06, notatrashcan18, takenhostage07
- New Decks: comewithme11, takenhostage09, loveisalie09, believeinlove17

- puzzle: jupiterpower209, mercuryawakens07, moonpride309, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: doctorusagi08, moonprism108, shitennourevealed07, one Moon doll
- memory: mysteriouskitty14, guardianofwater03, growingfriendship16
- number guess: unstoppableflame11, totherescue02
- freebies: watchingfromoutside07, moonpride207, jupiterpower219, one Moon doll
- war: girlsinwhite15, one Moon doll
- pickpocket: growingfriendship07, moonpridepv320
- wheel (green): jupiterthunderbolt14, doctorusagi03, illpunishyou06

- puzzle: mercuryawakens13, sailorvkick03, tobecontinued10, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: illpunishyou19, unstoppableflame20, watchingfromoutside20, one Moon doll
- memory: flowerhurricane03, moonpridepv110, silvermoon04
- hangman: spiritedaway17, flowerhurricane05
- number guess: notadream19, unlikelyweapon12
- freebies: schoolwoes20, spiritedaway11, notatrashcan12, one Moon doll
- war: moonpride105
- pickpocket: beautifulgirl13, guardianoffire13
- wheel (green): jadeitespower11, bumpystart16, shitennourevealed05

- puzzle: crystalpromo18, jewelrysale09, watchingfromoutside14, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: afterthatbus15, embarrassingbusride17, moonpride219, one Moon doll
- memory: lonelygenius16, eyecatch217, sailorvkick09
- hangman: mercuryawakens20, sweetcouple08
- number guess: moonpridepv220, talentedgamer10
- freebies: summonedyouma04, bumpystart19, princessdisguise04, one Moon doll
- war: shitennourevealed11
- pickpocket: akuryoutaisan07, arcadebreak04
- wheel (red): marspower117, notpayingattention12
- New Cards: flowerhurricane05, guardianofcourage20, jupiterpower212, jupiterthunderbolt08
- level up: mercurypower101, mercurypower106, mercurypower116, mercurypower110, spiritedaway17, marspower220, notadream18, eyecatch101, jupiterthunderbolt15, schoolwoes18, one Moon doll

- puzzle: crystalpromo15, fatedmeeting20, moonprism113, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: bumpystart03, moonpridepv303, summonedyouma15, one Moon doll
- memory: nephritesshadow13, trailer206, princessdisguise13
- number guess: fatedmeeting12, rescueandvictory16
- freebies: stolenkiss15, embarrassingbusride20, marspower213, one Moon doll
- war: totherescue18
- pickpocket: moontiaraboomerang20, titlecard16
- wheel (violet): two Moon dolls
- New Decks: growingfriendship15, nephritesshadow20, newtiara19, reflectedmoonlight10, shitennourevealed10, sneakingin11, romanticdance118

- puzzle: marspower108, moonpride312, strangereaction12, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: afterthatbus09, lonelygenius09, trailer204, one Moon doll
- memory: protectami07, anevilspirit19, notatrashcan17
- hangman: embarrassingbusride15, guardianoffire20
- number guess: mysteriouskitty13, guardianoffire09
- freebies: protectami10, characterdesigns02, talentedgamer08, one Moon doll
- war: afterthatbus20
- pickpocket: fatedmeeting18, moonpridepv207
- wheel (orange): rescueandvictory18, moonprism220
- New Decks: akuryoutaisan14, marsawakens01, restlessvillains08, unstoppableflame14, beautifulgirl13
- Toy Store: 4 moon dolls for gashapon ~ Sailor Swing set three (super sailor moon, saturn), Petit Chara ~ set three (ami, rei)

- puzzle: findyourallies15, jewelrysale14, titlecard16, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: rescueandvictory13, sailorvkick07, strangereaction17, one Moon doll
- memory: moonpride212, crystalpromo14, silvermoon03
- hangman: guardianofwater15, mercurypower120
- number guess: lateagain07, trailer105
- freebies: maskedstranger07, mercurypower120, marspower216, one Moon doll
- war: summonedyouma20
- pickpocket: breaktime15, crystalpromo04, sweetcouple13
- wheel (green): titlecard02, trailer110, gentlegirl03

- New Decks: marspower102, marspower105

- puzzle: mercuryawakens11, schoolwoes06, sweetcouple18, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: fivesoldiers01, moonpridepv305, rescueandvictory17, one Moon doll
- memory: silvermoon18, moonpridepv320, eyecatch217
- hangman: moonpride119, moontiaraboomerang14
- number guess: mercurypower118, mercuryaquamist09
- freebies: rescueandvictory10, strangereaction14, tobecontinued12, one Moon doll
- war: notatrashcan18, one Moon doll
- pickpocket: bymoonlight09, moonprism118
- wheel (blue): choice coupon
- lucky match: protectami11, jewelrysale07, mercuryaquamist17, 1 choice coupon

- puzzle: moonpride212, rescueandvictory15, trailer209, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: jewelrysale17, notadream13, usagisdream12, one Moon doll
- memory: repent10, fatedmeeting13, moonprism103
- hangman: mercurypower119, doctorusagi14
- number guess: unlikelyweapon11, usagisdream04
- freebies: trailer213, titlecard04, mercurypower209, one Moon doll
- war: totherescue06
- pickpocket: eyecatch102, mercuryawakens08, rescueandvictory15
- wheel (orange): usagisdream08, usagisdream18
- birthday: 2 coupons, jewelrysale05, repent12, schoolwoes04, usagisdream17, one Moon doll
- Toy Store: Petit Chara: mercury, mars, saturn, super sailor moon (4 dolls)

- starter pack: mercurypower103, mercurypower113, mercurypower120, doctorusagi16, talentedgamer14, jewelrysale13, moontiaraboomerang06, repent02, moonpride316
- puzzle: bymoonlight17, fivesoldiers18, maskedstranger19, one Moon doll
- jigsaw: eyecatch206, fivesoldiers10, lonelygenius16, one Moon doll
- memory: eyecatch117, mercurypower111, mercuryawakens05
- hangman: talentedgamer19, unlikelyweapon18
- number guess: fatedmeeting20, trailer210
- freebies: doctorusagi07, usagisdream18, moonpride108, one Moon doll
- war: illpunishyou11
- pickpocket: breaktime15, protectami16
- wheel (green): jewelrysale02, silvermoon02, summonedyouma17
- scramble 01:: bymoonlight03, fatedmeeting17, strangereaction08, one Moon doll
- scramble 02:: eyecatch202, sailorvkick10, sailorvkick10, one Moon doll
- fallen phrases 01: moonpride116, silvermoon10, strangereaction13, one choice coupon
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 04:37 pm
Manga V.2 (2/25)

11/7 (2)
- strict05, member card to Kaz for toad14, member card
- trance06 to Mysti for brabbit07

Manga V.2 (25/25)

11/7 (4)
- magician15, mugiwara03, pentacle11, rain11 to Kaz for maiden12, mario04, orphan13, rat15

9/5 (3)
- backstroke06, blush07, poneglyph05 to Lethe for science07, shot04, shot11

8/21 (10)
- clean04, god13, saber12, member card to Vanja for hatter11, selfless14, toad13, member card
- mewlettuce10, greenpearl15, massacre02, massacre11, panty05, swimming01, swimming03, member card to Kairi for electronic04, glasses01, glasses06, protective01, toad02, toad03, toad10, member card

8/19 (7)
- prince04, prince13 to Ashu for starfighter11, selfless05
- freestyle03 to Lethe for healingwind02
- solution11 to Mysti for infrared03
- zero07, mercenary12, mercenary15 to Roax for armor04, raven09, spoiled08

8/12 (1)
- SR-40010, member card to Ashu for toad06, member card

Manga V.1 (25/25)

8/12 (1)
- SR-40003 to Ashu for electronic11

8/11 (6)
- friendship02, geass15, heart05, member card to Chii for exist08, raven08, raven11, member card
- harem03, lynx09, royale05 to Mirai for infrared15, selfless04, toad05

8/6 (2)
- love05, mistakes10 to Lethe for glasses11, orphan15

8/5 (6)
- albhed05, light02, light05, lotus14, member card to Lethe for electronic08, electronic14, protective07, protective15, member card
- badluck14, misdirection06, member card to josie for dalmascan01, maiden08, member card

7/22 (1)
- explosives12, member card to Roax for hatter04, member card

7/20 (9)
- izanagi02, izanagi03, shiva05, detective11, member card to Mysti for firearrow04, healingwind08, healingwind15, rat03, member card
- backstroke04, breastsroke03, clutch10, dogdemon12 and freestyle15, member card to chiisai for percieve05, protective12, selfless08, spoiled01 and widget03, member card
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 04:36 pm
- Toma's Tic Tac Toe: captain01, pinkpearl12, bonkotsu11
- Hangman: artemis04, mayushii11, strength07
- Clover's Card Puzzle: rabbit01, doctor06, littlemoon13
- Memory with Miroku: whiterose12, fodra12, geass06
- Wheel of William: right12, 5 film
- Anime: homunculus07, bluerose15, fiance10, ryuzaki01
- Fashion with Kuronosuke: coincidence09, trace13, egret09
- Freebies: pantera09, venus05, shiva11, exist09, surfing01
- Junko's Jumble: apros04, orange02, badluck05, 2 film
- Ulquiorra's Quotes: spoiled07, kasshin14, spoiled11, harem08, 3 film
- Update Freebies (SORRY): selfless10, toad08, hatter06, electronic01, bountyhunter01

- Puzzle: luigi05, programmer01, badluck10
- Toma's Tic Tac Toe: surfing06, novelist06, blush02
- Waver's War: moles05, sincerity10, clumsy10
- Clover's Card Puzzle: evileye01, rat10, greenpearl07
- Memory with Miroku: curious06, starfighter14, aries11
- Wheel of William: tonfa11, gambler10, curry10
- Conan's Characters: explosives15, food06, naginata04
- Dark's Difficult Puzzle: swimming12, venus02, shot11
- Recital: private12, gangleader11, 2 film
- Trade Rewards: vulcanus14, waterdragon11, kreusnik05

- Anime: sagittarius09, become10, rain03
- Freebies: strict14, exist06, grass10, fraternal07
- Hangman: knell03, spirits12
- Jumble: lapislazuli10, detective15, armor05, homunculus07, 2 film
- Wheel: roomba03, elkia10, selfless03
- New Decks: priest03, march05, elegy13

- Choice: gambler14, witch09, seiyuu04
- Location: left07, bangs03, wretched09, fashionista15, 1 film
- Puzzle: nests03, secondchild05, shall11, 2 film
- Recital: lynx05, judge07, 2 film
- Unfortunate: childish05, glasses11, copying05, kreusnik15, ryuzaki02

- Anime: strict05, manager07, puns15
- Freebies: holy09, gunblade12, mewzakuro04, programmer14
- Hangman: fullmoon05, spears07
- Jumble: aestus05, wish15, massacre13, kuriboh06, 2 film
- Wheel: logic03, 5 film
- New Decks: justice09, kappa13, cannon04
- HALLOWEEN: hatter01, toad01, electronic05, selfless15, protective13, healingwind13, infrared10, glasses15, raven10

- Choice: replekia07, rosebonbon01, txtmsg10
- Puzzle: wings15, saber12, wings04, 2 film
- Recital: devour13, spacepirate01, 2 film
- Unfortunate: basketball09, magazines11, dullahan14, okarin08, gambler03

- Anime: mysterious10, god04, infrared01
- Freebies: honest03, chevalier05, loveless10, sketchpad13
- Hangman: basketball06, rifle13
- Wheel: amulet08, friendship09, ctarl13

- Anime: vanilla04, strategist04, hell01
- Freebies: nicaea12, duality01, magazines13, nei11
- Hangman: bangs03, sixteen05
- Jumble: scan02, hallmonitor13, strategist13, homunculus08, 2 film
- Videogames: rat12, littlemoon12, roomba06, objection09, realian05, hitsuzen12
- Wheel: eyepatch07, 5 film
- New Decks: ctarl02, bonkotsu05, ordinary04

- Choice: bangs02, android11, shinigami10
- Puzzle: grass14, aquarius15, fullmetal07, 2 film
- Recital: mewzakuro02, hachiko13, 2 film
- Unfortunate: susanoo09, six13, dios07, loveless15, sm09
- New Decks: kasshin08, trance06, cureheart08
- Level Up: venus02, genius07, bangs01, valvrave13, librarian06, 5 film, 1 choice coupon

- Anime: expelled14, horoscope06, brother11
- Freebies: commoner07, rain11, spoiled11, puzzle05
- Hangman: riceball07, replica06
- Jumble: whip08, waterdragon05, rain01, bluerose14, 2 film
- Videogames: mewichigo15, light14, four04, brabbit14, trapeze03, genius04
- Wheel: damocles14, 5 film
- New Decks: clumsy10, fiance09, battousai08

- Choice: eyes03, doctor06, shards11
- Location: loveless03, daisy04, perseverance10, tattoos10, 1 film
- Match: shall07, assistant01, bolverk04, 1 film
- Puzzle: android13, dios01, genome06, 2 film
- Recital: informant02, streetball04, 2 film
- New Decks: twilight03, daddy12, considerate10, aestus10
- Card Claim: electronic10, healingwind03

- Anime: lambent15, fallen05, sixteen07
- Freebies: aquarius08, shot15, mario13, six09
- Wheel: poneglyph05, science02, rain15, littlemoon03, firearms09, 1 film
- Trade Rewards: quincy14, artemisia13, revenge02
- New Decks: collar12, mysterious10, blush07, ribbons14

- Level Up: mugiwara03, fluegel08, secondchild05, bolverk15, gynoid01, 5 film, 1 choice coupon

- Anime: heart03, prince04, manager03
- Freebies: capricorn06, panty05, frozen03, bloodyrose03
- Hangman: snobby05, massacre11
- Jumble: mercenary12, clean04, bucking02, mewpudding12, 2 film
- Videogames: hachiko01, bipolar01, mewmint10, bass01, rain11, ouroboros04
- Wheel: pinkpearl05, fists04, dominion03
- New Decks: clean09, pantera09, puzzle10, solution11
- Update: event06, event07, event08, event09

- Choice: hell11, freestyle03, belly04
- Match: left10, despedia12, vulcanus02, 1 film
- Puzzle: gambler01, armor06, objection01, 2 film
- Recital: elf02, ultrasonic13, 2 film
- Unfortunate: clow10, bluepearl02, mewichigo03, saturn13, wish13
- New Decks: fraternal05
- Random Cards: himeko03, exorcist13, pentacle11, hatter07, mouse15, android05, allmate12, magician15, humanity09

- Anime: chocolate06, chocolate15, harem03
- Freebies: zero07, victory05, curata09, backstroke06
- Hangman: become09, electronic07
- Jumble: fallen01, editor07, mercenary15, glasses05, 2 film
- Wheel: geass15, capricorn09, 1 film
- New Decks: ditzy03, starfighter01, starhealer06, bluepearl09, friendship02, love05, past13, present08, mewichigo06, lynx09, royale05, mewmint06, mewpudding12, mewzakuro08, heart05

- Hangman: light02, jupiter04
- Puzzle: elkia13, lotus14, basketball07, 2 film
- Choice: badluck14, observer13, swimming03
- Unfortunate: misdirection06, maiden13, vessel01, capricorn05, fullmetal12
- Recital: logic10, blackrose11, 2 film
- Location: laconic01, hollowbastion07, wings11, saber12, 1 film
- New Decks: bipolar15, electronic09, poison14, science11, courage10, mewlettuce10, light05, spirits09

- Prejoin Freebies (6/27 Update): event01, event02
- Prejoin Freebies (7/02 Update): boa05, cat07, cryogenic09, dna11, firearrow06, healingwind10, infrared13, mentor07, rat09, dogdemon12, shards11, well01, bountyhunter10, backstroke04, prince13, event03, event04
- Prejoin Freebies (7/11 Update): magatama14, phantom15, rabbit11, royaltree09, snobby09, spacepirate12, spoiled14, waterdragon11, widget13, fashionista05, event00, event05
- New Cards: dalmascan06, orphan08, perceive07, protective14, shiva05, detective11, greenpearl15, lucky13, mistake10, swimsuit15
- Hangman: gynoid14, armor01
- Choice: breaststroke03, mario05, freestyle15
- Recital: kaka04, despedia04, 2 film
- Location: fluegel08, izanagi02, damocles06, mistakes10, 1 film
- Jumble: riceball08, albhed05, swimming01, energetic14, 2 film
- Wheel: blackrose15, 5 film
- Freebies: dna06, explosives12, hatter10, kaka08
- Anime: izanagi03, sr40010, clutch10
- Videogames: blood15, witch14, vongola10, caesar11, iceflower13, whip05

- Starter Pack: hatter02, hatter14, sr40003, rhythm11, aeternam10, toad07, eyes10, massacre02, sagittarius05, gunblade06, brother13, god13, kaka07, selfless01, camera07, 5 film